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Calling All Athletes!  Be a part of Lucky Lax’s Girls traveling lacrosse program! We are looking for players with commitment, coach-able attitude toward teamwork, drive, athleticism, speed, and passion for lacrosse.

Why Lucky Lax? Lucky Lax offers experienced coaches who work to connect with players both ON and OFF the field. We believe that players learn best by a coach who cares. We strive to develop each player and team to their full potential. Our comprehensive program continues to GROW each year. Both outdoor and indoor trainings are scheduled including practices, clinics, open nets and more!

We participate in COMPETITIVE tournaments that will improve our players and teams by putting them against strong competition. Winning is great...but did you become better as a result of it? Improvement & Development are the cornerstones to Lucky Lax.

Fall & Summer Competition Lucky Lax's Club teams compete in both Summer and Fall competition. Why Fall? Fall offers excellent competition and great exposure opportunities to our players all while keeping a stick in their hands throughout the year. We believe true growth occurs by working with our athletes in multiple seasons. Our Fall club season consists of tournaments, practices and clinics.

Multi-Sport Athletes  Lucky Lax Club supports the multi-sport athlete at all ages - in fact, the majority of our players continue playing more than one sport throughout their MS & HS years. We provide Summer, Fall & Winter instruction and development for our players that is scheduled for minimal interference with your other Fall & Winter sports. No instruction scheduled during the Spring Lacrosse Season, good luck with your school team!


Tryouts for the 2018 Club Season


The Lucky Lax Club program offers travel teams for the following graduation years:  2019, 2020 2021, 2022 & 2023

*New*Local Lucks Club team available for 2024 & 2025 age groups.

Assessments (not tryouts) are held for the 2024/25 group. This date will be announced soon. Open enrollment permitted for these age groups.

This includes Summer only participation and local tournaments & training.

The mission of Lucky Lax Club is to develop the COMPLETE lacrosse player and create the most competitive teams possible through rigorous practices, solid instruction, and playing opportunities. Each team participates in Summer Play Days/Tournaments, Practices and Clinics. Commitment is CRITICAL to the success of the Player, Team and Club.


Tryout Date/Location

Tryouts will be held on September 9th & 10th at the outdoor fields behind the Field Sports building. Please view schedule for specific times of each age group.

Sports Ohio Park address: 6400 Dublin Park Dr, Dublin, OH 43016. Fields are located behind Field Sports of Sports Ohio Facility.


What to bring

Please wear cleats. Bring your stick, goggles, mouth guard, and water. We will provide a reversible. We ask that all players refrain from wearing apparel from your high school and/or Lucky Lax gear. Players will be judged without bias of school or participation in Lucky Lax.


Deposit Check Required for Tryout

***Each player is required to bring a $250 check to tryouts in addition to the online tryout fee. If a player is selected for a team, this check confirms your daughter spot and commitment to the team and will be deposited.   This deposit check will go towards Club Fees and is non-refundable after position is accepted.

If a player is NOT selected, the check is shredded

We take team selections very seriously. Players are given a 48 flex period prior to selections being released. During this flex period, if you decide that Lucky Lax Club is NOT for you...just let us know we will shred your check.

Once decisions are released, if a player is selected and later (after 48 hour flex period) decides not to take the roster position, the $250 payment is retained. Please tryout with the intent of taking the roster spot if it is offered

Team Selections

The goal is to release rosters as soon as possible.  Team Selections will be discussed at the scheduled stand-up meeting. After being selected and taking a spot on the team there will be no refunds offered. See below for stand-up meeting time.


Player/Parent Meeting

A mandatory player/parent meeting will take place for players selected for each Lucky Lax Club Team. This date will be announced shortly after tryouts and is typically in Late Winter/Early Spring


Tryout Times

Saturday, September 9th

**Please Arrive Early to register and try on sample uniforms (sizes are collected at this time)

Graduation Years Tryout Time
2019/2020 10:30-12 (Brief Stand-up Meeting after tryouts with Parents/Players)


*20's taking ACT Saturday AM may attend



Sunday, September 10th

Graduation Years Tryout Time


*19's taking ACT Saturday AM may attend

12-1pm (Brief Stand-up Meeting after tryouts with Parents/Players)
2022/2023 1:30-2:30pm (Brief Stand-up Meeting after tryouts with Parents/Players)

Assessments(not tryouts)are held for the 2023/24 group. Open enrollment permitted for these age groups but all must be evaluated.



Email us at with any questions.


Please note your tryout times and arrive early to CHECK IN and try on sample uniforms.

Refunds cannot be granted for this event


**All players are re-evaluated annually**