Lucky Lax Club Overview

About Lucky Lax

Lucky Lax was founded in 2003 by Catherine Shelley and Trish Derwart with a mission to provide the Greater Columbus Area with quality instruction and playing opportunities in Girl’s Lacrosse. Lucky Lax takes pride in providing an educational experience in a competitive arena while developing lacrosse players to their full potential. We are thrilled to offer a Club Program where our efforts are focused on developing the elite lacrosse player and elite teams while offering the tools, opportunities, and resources for both to thrive. The Club Program started competing in the summer of 2012.


The Club Philosophy                                                                                                 

We believe competition is an integral part of forming a successful club. Tryouts are held to foster that competition. The Lucky Lax Club is built on the principle of instructing the individual and the team from the ground up. Meaning all elements of the game will be addressed from fundamentals to team strategy, individual skill, as well as offensive and defensive concepts. Consistency and organization is the name of our game. Teams remain together to create chemistry and fully develop their play. Our top notch coaches will remain with their teams throughout the Club Season. This gives them the opportunity to know their players, address their challenges and build on their strengths. Did we mention FUN? After all, lacrosse is the best sport on two feet! We strive for our players to have an awesome experience with us at Lucky Lax.


Club Structure

We offer a team for the following High school graduation years: 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 and 2024 teams for Fall 2018-Summer 2019.

Each team will keep approximately 20 players per roster.


Club Fees

Club Fees for Fall 2018-Summer 2019 Club season will vary for each travel team. Fees include club fees AND tournament fees. Club Fees will be collected through our secure online system or by check.

Each team will participate in either 1 or 2 tournaments depending on age group and in the summer will have 3 tournaments, a playday, summer stick work and specific skill work clinics. Additionally, we will hold fall skills clinics and a 7 week indoor league for club only--$140 value all included in the fees.


2020- $1600

2021- $1600

2022- TBD

2023- TBD

2024- TBD



Families will handle the expenses of travel and lodging for tournaments. There are no other additional fees.


Club Fees include the following expenses:

•    Uniform

•    Practice Reversible

•    Web Site Fees

•    Facility Rentals/field lining

•    Practice Equipment

•    Coaches’ Stipends

•    Travel costs for coaches

•    Administrative Costs

•    Recruiting Seminar

•    Instructional Sessions/Fall Clinics


Fall-Summer Tournaments

Lucky Lax Playday Date TBA


Fall Tournaments have been registered. Summer tournaments will be announced when registration opens.

2020 -- MidAtlantic Showcase Baltimore, MD Nov 10-11; President's Cup Orlando, FL Nov 17-18

2021 -- Chesapeake Invitational Baltimore, MD Nov 3-4; President's Cup Orlando, FL Nov 17-18

2022 -- MidAtlantic Showcase Baltimore, MD Nov 10-11

2023 -- MidAtlantic Showcase Baltimore, MD Nov 10-11

2024 -- MidAtlantic Showcase Baltimore, MD Nov 10-11


More information can be found on the TRYOUTS page.