In this section we have Frequently Asked Questions (arranged by event/topic). Be sure to scroll down to view all frequently questions.

The following topics are addressed (in the order indicated): Why Lucky Lax?, Clinics, Equipment, Leagues, Lessons, Player Information, Registration and Other.


Why Lucky Lax?


What is the difference between your Club Program and your Winter Indoor League?

The Club program is essentially a travel team. Interested players tryout for a team within their graduation year. If they are to make the team, they are committed to attend summer practices and tournaments. Most tournaments are held on the East Coast. In addition, we compete in various Fall tournaments as well. Our Winter League Indoor Program is a league held once a week in Dublin at the Field Sport Facility of Sports Ohio. Players receive instruction within game play on a weekly basis.


What makes Lucky Lax different from other leagues?

At Lucky Lax, we pride ourselves on offering the best lacrosse experience for youth, middle and high school girls. To accomplish this we have current and former college players as coaches; the have the most up-to-date knowledge of the game an actual game experiences that cannot be learned from a book. Each game is officiated by certified district officials.

We are always on site and available to help if you have questions related to anything lacrosse. We truly want each girl to come away from our events having improved their game but more importantly, increasing their love of the sport.




When are clinics offered?

All clinics vary throughout the course of the year. If you are interested in having a clinic/training session for your team/program, contact us! We can come to you and run your team through an integral training/clinic session that meets the specific needs of your group.



What do I need to participate?

Of course, you will need your lacrosse stick. However, if you need to borrow one, just email us in advanced and we can supply you one. Other necessary equipment included: Eye Gear, Mouth Guard, Running or Turf Shoes for Indoor Play Cleats for Outdoor Play. Gym shorts/shirt. For leagues, you will be provided with a league t-shirt that you will wear each time you come to league play. Absolutely no jewelry can be worn during league play.



What Leagues do you offer and when do I sign up?

We offer Summer League for Middle and High School players (grades 3rd-12th) with registration beginning in April as well as two indoor sessions for players grades 3rd-12th with registration beginning in September. All registration is online!


Are league capped?

Yes, we do have a cap on each league. We operate on a first come first serve basis. Register early to ensure a spot.


How are the Indoor teams made?

For Session 1 & 2- team placement is made on a first come, first serve basis. We cannot hold a spot. You may make a teammate request when completing your online registration.


Are there any practices for Lucky Lax Leagues?

No, there are no practices. In our years of experience we have learned that the girls want to go play! Leave the practices for the school season. We specialize in helping you improve your game during game time!


But what if I’ve never played before?

That’s ok, you’re not alone. We have had many new players join our leagues who agree that just getting out there and playing is the best way to learn. Each team has a coach for every game that is constantly instructing as the game is being played.



Do you offer Private Lessons?

We can put you in touch with one of our coaches for individual or group private lessons. This is not run through Lucky Lax and the details of the sessions would be arranged between the coach and player(s).

Player Information


I haven’t played before…can I still sign up for a Lucky Lax Event?

You have to start somewhere, and before your know it, you will no longer be considered ‘new’ to the sport! Under the Events link, we label what the experience level is for each league/event. Many are noted as for new and experienced players. Just be sure to read the descriptions.



I think I’m a varsity player…can I play for the varsity league?

The Varsity League is meant for experienced, varsity level players. This ensures competition level is in place. Consult your coach to see if you are a varsity candidate. We accept emailed recommendations from HS coaches for league placement. They can be very brief. Since tryouts have not taken place, all they need to indicate is that you are a varsity candidate.


Is there late registration?

If there is room! We extend our registration period for two reasons. First, if we still have openings and second, if we have expanded the league and have more teams to fill.



Do I need a US Lacrosse number?

Yes. This is required for participation. You can register for a membership by visiting USLacrosse.org There is also a link from our website.